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Good parenting goes well beyond just providing the basic necessities. I believe it is a parent’s job to indulge a child’s curiosities and nurture their talents as they discover the world around them. Because I feel so strongly about this Miles and I often go on educational adventures that include trips to the beach, aquarium, library, zoo, soccer field, and yoga studio just to name a few. So when my friend Mike, (A fellow inspired dad and musician) invited Miles and I to his music classroom for a jam session we couldn’t refuse.
Toddlers and preschoolers have lots to gain from listening to and making music. It’s fun, for one thing, and it also encourages movement, which is important for young children who are perfecting their motor skills.┬áMusic helps you bond with your child, too. Watch the video to see some excerpts from our jam session.
WARNING: The kazoo solo at 1:55 will melt your heart.
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    Thank you for sharing. It was awesome!

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