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When I was much younger I never really considered how my actions could profoundly impact others and society as a whole.  Honestly, I never really thought I had a voice. Now that I am older and wiser I realize that all things and beings are ultimately interconnected. Being a father has made me not only more aware of this, but it has also empowered me to be a better person and a  more involved citizen. This year, inspired by my dear friend Paul Brush, I decided I wanted to step up and be an active participant rather than just a spectator in the fight to solve the problems in our community. Despite the fact that I had no experience whatsoever, I decided I wanted to become involved in local politics. I just wasn’t sure how…

Senator Barbara Buono and I at a NJ Dems fundraiser.

Senator Barbara Buono and I at a fundraiser for the NJ Democratic candidates in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Then I had a vision: I would use my passion for art and design as a vehicle to advance the directive of the local democratic party whom I support wholeheartedly. Shortly after filling out the volunteer form online I was offered my first project; then a second, and so on and so on. In what seemed like an instant, my vision of involvement became a reality. Over the course of the last few months my passion for the cause has only intensified, and I have forged wonderful friendships with many new and inspiring people. (Who will hopefully all be elected tomorrow)

I have always believed that people who don’t vote shouldn’t have the right to complain, as such I’ve always voted in elections since I was of age. Sure votes are what decides elections, but I wanted to do more than just cast my ballot this time around. The question for me, was “How Can I be of Service?”. I’m glad I found the answer in time to make a small but meaningful difference. I encourage young people regardless of their political affiliation to get involved. Its what makes our system work, flawed as it may be. You do have a voice, but it will only be heard if you choose to speak.

Below are links to some of the campaign projects I have had the pleasure of being involved with during the past few months:

Jimmy Esposito for NJ Assembly– http://www.jimmyesposito.com/

Matthew Tomaro for Little Egg Harbor– http://www.tomarofortomorrow.com/

Toms River Dems for Council – http://www.restorethetrust2013.com/


Below is a political Ad created by my cousin Nick and I  for the Toms River Dems for Council:

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