Duct Tape Fixes (Almost) Everything

 In Child Safety, fatherhood

Duct+tape_0930a8_3926013Like most children his age my son Miles is very curious. It is a trait I admire, however it can also be dangerous, especially when young children are involved. His curiousity attracts him to danger like a moth to a flame, frustrating me to no end.  As if the obvious safety issue wasnt already enough to deal with, the fact that simple activities of daily living cant be accomplished without fear is enough to drive anyone mad.

So when child safety locks proved no match for my little guy I did what any reasonable dad would do: I got some duct tape and went about child proofing our living space. Using duct tape I was able to secure all drawers within reach, as well as covering all exposed electrical outlets. I was also able to lock the keyboard tray on my computer desk so it doesnt hit the little guy in the face when he pulls on it. By the way,  I bought 3M clear duct tape which is not much of an eyesore compared to the traditional silver stuff. It also comes off of furniture without leaving any marks or residue.

All in all this was an exremely cost effective way to child proof and at the end of the day it provided me with the peace of mind I desperately needed. Whoever said duct tape fixes everything wasnt that far off. Do you have any stories about fixing things with duct tape?



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