Baby Miles’ first touchdown

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When it comes to the game of football, all I can say is: there is probably nothing everybody cares so much about that I couldn’t care less about.

I live in America, and it seems like everybody around me has this morbid fascination with football.…football. I see it everywhere…on the news, internet, television…everyone talks about it, and if you’re in a bar during a football game everyone in the bar is going berserk over it, as if their very lives depended on it.  Through all my life, watching a bunch of brainless, overweight men-in-tights endlessly smashing into each other has never been of any consequence to me whatsoever, and I would expect only a small percentage of the population to think that it was. Instead, it seems to be the other way around. I have even had friends explain to me in detail all about line defense, zone defense, etc., and I just don’t get why it is such a cultural phenomenon.

I don’t care a thing about it; not during the regular season, not during post-season, and I don’t care who wins the Stupid-Bowl. People talk about football the way stock brokers talk about the stock market or the way politicians talk about legislative initiatives, and Americans generally think a person who doesn’t kneel down and worship the game of football is some kind of sociopath. Why don’t they do something productive, like learn another language or go help feed homeless people? Football just makes me want to spew vomit.

20130203-091947.jpgDespite my feelings about football, as a dad I had to capture it when my 14 month old began throwing, catching and charging around with the ball.  Let’s face it, the little guy has a lot of talent as well as relatives who love the game and will treasure this footage.  As for me, I’ll keep hoping my boy will play soccer (the real football!) when he gets older. When that day arrives I’ll be sure to support him regardless, although I can’t promise  I will be able to resist the urge to yell GOL! in public if he scores a touchdown.

Babys First Touchdown

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