First Steps/New Shoes

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I’m reluctant to admit it but my wife is right sometimes… Case in point: I was so excited in anticipation of my son taking his first steps that I bought him a pair of Nike’s for Christmas. Although my lil’ man fit into them perfectly my wife suggested I should return them and buy Stride Rite sneakers instead. Needless to say, I gave in and returned the Nike’s.

I have to give credit where credit is due however. Not only were the employees at Stride Rite much more informative than those at the local mall shops but the quality of the shoes were also outstanding. Much to my wife’s credit the Stride Rite’s had a flexible bottom designed for children learning to walk, unlike the Nike’s which had a  hard and rigid sole. They also offered wide versions of a few styles at Stride Rite which were exactly what my son needed, and were not available with the Nike’s.

Bottom Line: What the Stride Rite’s lack aesthetically they make up ten-fold functionally. After seeing Miles walk in the Stride Rite’s I am sure I made the right decision. Despite not having many overall styles to choose from, I was able to find an attractive pair of kicks with a wider insole, all at a better price at Stride Rite.

Now the only question is how I’ll ever manage to keep up with the little guy 🙂

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