Ten things I want to teach my son

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  1. Integrity. Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
  2. Honesty actually is the best policy. Possibly the best lesson my dad ever taught me.
  3. Always treat women with respect.  My dad set a great example with this and as a result I have a great relationship with the women in my life.
  4. Serve your community. So often, the decisions we make affect so many other people. My son Miles was 11 months old when he rode with me in his first charity bike events; it really is never to early to start volunteering together.
  5. Stay out of debt. Life is hard enough without adding additional problems. Not only does debt drain your bank account but it can also ruin relationships. Financial issues are a leading issue in marital problems and divorce.
  6. Be a man of your word. Money, things and even people will come and go but your reputation is yours to keep. It takes a lifetime to build but only a moment to destroy.
  7. Handle failure with graciousness on the outside, and kindness on the inside. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.
  8. Maintain a childlike curiosity. Have you ever noticed how curious small children are about the world around them and how they always  have so many questions? The problem with adults is that we tend to lose our curiosity about things which inhibits our ability to learn and grow.
  9. Live life passionately. Work hard, love hard, play hard. Take chances, question authority, champion a cause, learn a musical instrument, play a sport. Do all of the above or none of the above, but do something you love and give it your all.
  10. Find Balance. Modern life is so hectic it is easy to lose sight of the things that matter. You have to find time for family, work, recreation, nutrition, fitness, reflection and rest. It is a feat easier said than done but if you can achieve this some, or most of the time you’ll be doing just fine.
Miles and I participating in the 2012 "Bike to Build" event spondored by Habitat for Humanity and Beachwood Bicycles.

Miles and I participating in the 2012 “Bike to Build” event sponsored by Habitat for Humanity and Beachwood Bicycles.

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